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Art class

What do I need to bring to class?

All materials are included in the class, so there's no need to bring anything! Although we provide aprons, there is still chance to mess up your child's clothes (especially sleeves).  Wear a shirt you don't mind getting paint on!


Any penalties to missing a class?

Nope! We do not deduct any classes or charge a fee for missing a class! Just send us a message by email to let us know you won't be attending that week.


Does the classes expire?

The classes have a 2 year expiry (starting at purchase date). If you are planning to have an extended absence, please email to let us know so we can put the classes on hold. We will try our best to accommodate to your situation! Any purchases made before September 1, 2019 will be adjusted to expire on November 1, 2021.


What happen if I am late for the class?

We may ask students who are more than 10 mins late to attend to another class due to the possible disruption to the flow of the class and other student's learning experience. Please try to be on time or just don't rush and attend the next class, we have a lot of time slots especially on weekends.


What's the teacher to student ratio?

We try our best to achieve a minimum of 1:5 teacher to studio ratio.
For most of our classes, the average number of students is 10 with 2 teachers.


My child is in between Levels, which class should I pick?

We recommend the child try out the lower first, and if it is too easy, then we will suggest to move up a level. The biggest difference between the levels are the level of detail we teach, and the length of the class. Our goal is to build the basics from bottom up so if a child is in between two levels, we always suggest them start in the lower level.


What do they learn in class exactly?

Students of all levels will get to explore all sorts of materials, techniques and learning goals from sketching with pencil to painting with acrylics, from paper crafts to clay modeling and from still life drawing to conceptual design. We want our students to learn breadth and depth of art and design, especially for younger students, to keep their openness to learn new things. For older students, there will be more in-depth lessons to sharpen their techniques.


What's your teaching methodology?

Our method grows as the student grows. It's a cycle of learning to enjoy,  to appreciate, to improve, and to create. There's merit of all methods, whether it is tracing from an image or going wild with imagination, it needs a good balance of them to develop both conceptual and technical skills, so the child has the skills to convey their wildest ideas.


Did my child really draw that or it's the teacher?

We get this question a lot and we're am happy to say for most, it is really your child's work! Teachers usually draw separately on the board to show how to draw step by step. We'll occasionally draw on student's work to give him/her an example and how they can improve their work.


Can you tell me more about the 10 class pass?

Any child that has a 10 class pass in their name will be considered a student! If for any reason you miss a class, don’t worry! We won’t deduct a class just because you couldn’t make it that day. You can make up the class either on another day, or you can miss that week altogether. The best part about being a Pencil student is that you can also receive 10% off on any of our camps!


Can you tell me more about the trial class? I’m not sure if my child will enjoy art classes yet.

As adults, we know that children may or may not like anything they encounter, making it really difficult for parents to enroll them into classes for anything. When you register online, you can select to purchase just a single class. Come in and try out a class that fits your child the best first, before you get the 10 class pass!


Will my student have the same instructor every week?

Every teacher has their own art style and teaching style and we have found at Pencil that it is beneficial for young artists to be exposed to a wide variety of teaching and drawing methods to nurture their creativity and broaden their ability. By learning art from our entire team of talented teachers, students become more flexible and adaptable as artists.

Art camp


What's the age range for camps?

The most suitable age for art camps especially full day camps are from 4 - 12years old and all young campers are expected to be potty trained ;-)

What do I need to bring to camp?

Please bring:

  • labeled water bottle
  • Comfortable shoes/ indoor shoes
  • Wear clothes that you don't mind getting paint on
  • Nut-free snacks
  • Lunch - for full day campers only
  • Sunscreen - Field trip days in Summer Camp only

We have a water machine for refills, microwave and fridge. We will send a detail reminder to all registered campers.

What happen if it's raining on the field trip day? (Summer Camp Only)

We will try our best to make alternate arrangements to the outdoor field trip. If possible we will change to an indoor destination.

What happen if my child misses a day at the camp? Or need to withdraw from the camp, what is the return policy?

There is no refund to our classes or camp, but credits equal to the amount paid will be given to you which can use towards any of our classes/ camps/ workshops. Your credits will never expire!

What are the conditions to receive a student discount for your camps?

The only condition is that you are a current and active student at Pencil. If you’ve attended class in the last 6 months of registering for a camp, then you can receive the discount!

I missed a day during camp! How can I make up for it?

For any day that you miss during any of our camps, you can get the amount back as studio credit. What we can do is divide up the price you paid for a single day of camp, and convert that to studio credit. For example, if you paid $100 (before tax) for 5 days of camp, then you can get back $20 (before tax) in studio credit for missing 1 day, up to receiving $100 in studio credit for missing the whole week.


Adult workshop

I want to do an adult workshop but none of the times work for me! How can I do the painting I want at a time that works for me?

If none of our options work for your busy schedule, don’t fret! Just send us an email, and we’ll try our best to accommodate you. The best thing for you to do is to gather up some of your best friends and plan a time together, as long as it doesn’t interfere with our art classes!

Studio credit

How does studio credit work? How do you use it?

If you’ve received studio credit at any time, you can use it towards anything Pencil Studio offers! Credit will never expire, so you can save up the credits and use it on anything you like.  However, please note that since prices of our services do change over the years, therefore make use of credit sooner is always recommended.


I registered for a camp but I haven’t received an invoice yet! What do I do?

 As long as you’ve submitted the form and it says that the response has been recorded, don’t worry! Although we haven’t had the chance to send you an invoice, you’ve already reserved your spot for camp! Feel free to send us an email if you have any other questions.


Other Questions

Haven't found what you're looking for? Send us an email at info@pencilstudio.ca! We're happy to answer any questions you have.



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